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A news reporter once remarked to Mother Teresa that all her efforts were not successful in eliminating poverty in Calcutta.  To this she replied, “Jesus did not call us to be successful, but to be faithful.”

For over 44 years Northern Kentucky Right to Life, as well as numerous other pro-life organizations, has labored to stop the American Holocaust:  ABORTION.

Have pro-lifers eliminated abortion?  No.

Have pro-lifers been successful?  In many ways, yes. Because of ongoing efforts (education, changes in the law, continual prayers, sidewalk counseling, pregnancy centers, public demonstrations, countless pro-life literature and films), a number of children’s lives have been saved from the hideous crime of abortion, and many young mothers will not have to live with the painful memory of having once destroyed a child who was living within them.

But have we been totally successful?  No.

But God will ask if we have been faithful, totally faithful!  This is a question which each of us will have to answer when we stand before Him.

What We Do

To meet our obligation to be faithful, NKRTL volunteers continue their efforts through the following activities:

publication of a newsletter

initiated 19 years ago and continue to promote Helpers of God’s Precious Infants weekly liturgy/prayer witness in front of Planned Parenthood

in Cincinnati

distribution of pro-life literature

sponsoring speakers and films

submitting questionnaires to candidates, and publishing their responses and public records and statements, along with voter information

sponsoring rallies and picketing

annual January “March for Life” newspaper ad

annual Celebration for Life, with national speaker

assisting other pro-life organizations, especially those involved in direct service to unwed mothers

“I can’t do everything” is a common excuse we tell ourselves when we wish not to do anything.  Granted, no one can do everything, but there is so much for each of us to do.

First, meet your Christian obligation to educate yourself and to continue to receive and read NKRTL’s Newsletter.  Your renewal of membership will guarantee that you will not only continue receiving the Newsletter, but that there will be sufficient funds to continue publishing it.  The $20.00 annual dues brings you our Newsletter and funds all of our activities – but we need you, and you need us.

We not only need your financial support, but also your active participation.  Help us distribute pro-life literature and our Newsletter, attend our Celebration for Life, rally with us in Frankfort or in Washington, D.C., put a bumper sticker on your car, vote pro-life, write your elected officials, etc., etc.

Please be faithful in renewing your membership and extending it to others!


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