They Put Me in a Toxic Solution for Five Days to Kill Me in an Abortion, Miraculously I Survived

“[We’re] literally making stuff up. …A child doesn’t come out partway alive and doctors kill it. It’s not a thing. It’s not a thing today, it’s not a thing tomorrow, it’s not a thing ten years ago,” Minnesota State Sen. Alice Mann (D) stated in a recent hearing called “Establishing Fundamental Right to Reproductive Health.”

While Twitter retweets and replies to Sen. Mann’s blistering response to her colleague Sen. Bill Lieske’s (R) introduction of an amendment to stop abortions of “a child in part born alive” are a viral thread of punches from one side of the political aisle to the other, exchanging blows over what each side calls partisan propaganda, what’s missing from the 280-character dogfight is the irrefutable fact that babies can and do survive abortion throughout pregnancy. We know this from the medical and adoption records of abortion survivors; survivors’ and families’ stories; medical research; and doctors’, nurses’ and even abortionists’ statements.


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