The True Meaning of Christmas

Our celebration of Christmas acknowledges the anniversary of the greatest event that ever took place in human history:  The Incarnation — God became man.

The Incarnation demonstrates how precious God values human life.  It is such a wonderful creation that the Creator became His creation.  This is why we celebrate Christmas.

Christianity proclaimed the natural law found in  everyone’s heart: each person’s life needs to be respected and served.  From this Judeo-Christian principle, there sprang forth the obligation to care for the needs of others.

Although we are gifted differently, some with superior intellects, some good health, and some great wealth, while others have none of these, our hearts tell us we are no better or more important than anyone else.  We all know our good fortunes do not prove God has a greater love for some over others.

This is the greatest reason to celebrate:  2,000 years of Christendom – two millennia of proclaiming that everyone, without exception, has a life worth living – because it is a life that begins eternity for someone God has loved forever and will love forever.


Fill out your Christmas gift list with a gift of life -a gift that will be of incalculable value to the receiver, the giver, and the unborn babies.

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