She Was Supposed to be Killed in an Abortion But Survived: “God Saved My Life”

National  |  Micaiah Bilger  |   Mar 2, 2023   |   2:06PM   |  Washington, DC

Jennifer Milbourn spent years feeling distraught and ashamed because her mother had attempted to abort her. She hid the truth about her past while struggling silently with the knowledge that her own mother had wanted her dead.

Then, God changed her life and helped her to forgive her birth mother.

Now, Milbourn, 44, of California, shares her story publicly, knowing that God has a purpose for her life, according to The Epoch Times.

“It could be for my kids, for sure. It could be so my husband and I could be together,” she told the newspaper. “There’s a mission here. This is why God saved my life 44 years ago … to put my life on the line and continue to speak out for His babies that are being killed every day.”

In 1978, Milbourn said her biological mother had a vacuum aspiration abortion in Illinois, but the procedure failed.


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