Questionnaire April 2024 Election



Pursuant to our long-standing policy of bringing to the public the views (and records) of candidates for public office, on these crucial “Life” issues, NKRTL sent questionnaires to candidates seeking office in the 2024 elections. After furnishing them detailed information concerning the issues, NKRTL advised them that their response (or the fact of their non-response, which could only be  interpreted as unfavorable in that they either oppose its positions or are disinterested in these vital VOTE FOR ME  issues) would be published.  

1. Will you actively support (and if in a position to do so, sponsor and vote for) a mandatory Human Life Amendment to the U.S.   Constitution and to the Kentucky Constitution, which would codify the personhood of an unborn child from the moment of   fertilization, and which would hold that all innocent human beings have the same right to life, from fertilization until natural   death? 

2. Will you actively support (and if in a position to do so, sponsor and vote for) legislation which will make it a criminal offense to   perform, to assist with, or to pay for an abortion on another (such legislation would not prohibit those necessary medical   procedures required to prevent the death of the mother who is suffering from a physical pathology such as ectopic pregnancy   or cancerous uterus)?  

3. Will you actively support (and if in a position to do so, sponsor and vote for) legislation preventing: (a) the use of tissue and  organs from deliberately aborted children; (b) the use or destruction of live embryos for the purpose of extracting stem cells, for  transplants or medical experimentations; (c) human cloning, whether for the purpose of development and bringing to full term a  new human being, or for the purpose of development of a new human being for experimentation, or for the purpose of obtaining  body parts or stem cells; and (d) the public funding of any of these activities?  

4. Will you actively oppose (and if in a position to do so, work against and vote against) state or federal legislation or regulation   mandating health insurance coverage of abortion (both surgical and chemical) and artificial contraception, and will you actively   support (and if in a position to do so, work for and vote for) the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which provides   for the expenditure of funds for the payment of abortion, and for the repeal of the Federal HHS Mandate, a federal regulation   enacted under Obamacare, which requires employers, regardless of their religious convictions, to provide healthcare   insurance, without additional premium and without a co-payment, for payment of contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortion-  producing drugs?  

5. Will you actively oppose (and if in a position to do so, work against and vote against) any legislation which would allow the  withdrawal from an infant, incompetent, or comatose person of food and water, regardless of how the food or water is provided  (except in the case where death is imminent, and the patient cannot assimilate food or water)?  

6. Will you actively oppose (and if in a position to do so, vote against) any legislation, administrative regulations, or initiatives of  any type, which would decriminalize assisting or abetting someone in killing themselves (often referred to as “assisted  suicide”)? 

7. Will you actively support (and if in a position to do so, sponsor and vote for) legislation requiring that the same medical   treatment and the same standard of medical care be provided to handicapped persons, and that the decisions of whether to   treat a handicapped person must be made on strictly medical grounds and not on speculations about the person’s future   “quality of life”?  

8. Will you actively support (and if in a position to do so, sponsor and vote for) legislation which prohibits all use of local, state,   federal, and/or Medicare or Medicaid funds for abortion (including chemical abortions, such as RU-486, or the so-called  “morning after pill,” Norplant, Depo Provera, or the so-called “standard birth control pill”)? 

9. If there should come before you the question of appointment or confirmation of an individual to any board, agency, or   committee, etc., which does or could perform, counsel, refer, or fund abortion (including chemical abortions, such as RU-486,   and the so-called “morning after pill,” Norplant, Depo Provera, and the so-called “standard birth control pill”), will you   nominate or confirm only individuals (1) who refuse to perform, counsel, refer, or fund any surgical or chemical abortion and   (2) who refuse to support, vote for, or fund any government or private agency that would perform, counsel, refer, or fund any   surgical or chemical abortion?  

10. Will you actively support (and if in a position to do, sponsor and vote for) legislation similar to Kentucky’s “Do No Harm Act”  (KRS 158.1415; 158.189; 158.191; and 311.372), which provides: (1) that public schools be required to give notification to  parents concerning health services related to human sexuality, contraception and family planning, and granting parents the right  to withhold consent to said services; (2) that public schools be prohibited from requiring personnel or students to use pronouns  that do not conform with the student’s biological sex; (3) that students shall not receive instruction in regards to exploring gender  identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation; (4) that public schools shall prohibit students from using restrooms, locker  rooms, or shower rooms, that are reserved for students of a different biological sex; and (5) that healthcare providers shall not, 

7 NKRTL April 2024  

for the purpose of attempting to alter the appearance of or to validate a minor’s perception of the minor’s sex that is inconsistent  with the minor’s biological sex: (a) Prescribe any drug to delay or stop normal puberty; (b) Prescribe hormones in amounts greater than would normally be produced in a healthy person of the same age and sex; (c) Perform any sterilizing surgery; (d)  Perform any surgery that artificially constructs tissue having the appearance of genitalia differing from the minor’s sex; and (e)  Remove any healthy or non-diseased body part or tissue?  

11. Will you refuse to support in any manner a candidate for any public office, who publicly states acceptance of the current   status of legalized abortion, or who fails to disclose his position on the issue of abortion, or who has, as a public official, a   record of support for abortion or of failing to oppose it, or who supports any of the above anti-life activities, unless his   opponents have done these same things as he has? 


The long-standing policy of NKRTL-PAC regarding candidates for public office is clear and consistent:  

1. NKRTL sends to each candidate a list of questions comprehensively covering the core sanctity of all innocent human life issues, with a detailed explanatory cover letter, explaining the Pro-Life position regarding each issue and the reasons and authoritative citations for such positions.  

2. NKRTL explains that it will faithfully publish the candidate’s responses, or non-responses, reserving the right to make an endorsement, or recommendation, or take no formal action at all.  

3. NKRTL advises the candidates that a non-response can only be interpreted as unfavorable in that they either oppose the Pro-Life positions or are disinterested in these vital issues.  

4. NKRTL publishes as much as it knows about the public record and statements of the candidates on these vital issues.  

5. NKRTL never endorses a candidate unless his or her answers are 100% Pro-Life.  

6. NKRTL sometimes makes a recommendation of a candidate, after a full disclosure of his positions, if his responses and record are not 100 percent Pro-Life but stand him materially above the other candidates.  

Based upon these criteria, NKRTL-PAC publishes its conclusions and comments regarding the candidates in this primary and/or general election in Kentucky. 

Northern Kentucky Right to Life Political Action Committee has issued Endorsements and/or Recommendations of some candidates in the upcoming primary and/or general election. These are based not only on the stated public positions of the candidates, including their answers to NKRTL’s questionnaire, but also their past public records: Based upon the firm belief that what one has done is entitled to significantly more consideration than what one says (“By their fruits, ye shall know them….” Matthew 7:16), NKRTL undertakes herein to publish what it knows of the public record of these candidates, whether they are incumbents or those seeking office for the first time.  

The gravity of the surgical slaughter of 3,800 innocent children each day (one every 24 seconds) – and the even greater number of chemical abortions – demands that we ask of every citizen, particularly those aspiring to public office: “What are you doing to stop the killing?”  

If a candidate supported terrorism, would you bother to ask him where he stands on other issues??? 

NKRTL-PAC does not necessarily make Endorsements or Recommendations in every race. NKRTL-PAC never endorses a candidate unless he is 100% Pro-Life, with no exceptions. Sometimes, when NKRTL-PAC considers a candidate superior to the rest of the field, it will make a Recommendation, even though the candidate falls short of its 100% standard for Endorsement.  

NKRTL must point out to the reader that some candidates take it upon themselves to modify our questions, thereby failing to answer them specifically, and indeed making exceptions of their own, while simultaneously attempting to answer “yes,” to attempt to present a Pro-Life position. Since the candidate has not answered “no,” and their response cannot be truly reported as “yes” after they have modified or imposed conditions of their own, NKRTL has appropriately reported those evasive answers with an asterisk (*). They failed to answer the questions as asked. Such action by the candidate deprives the voter of information on the candidate’s position on the issues which the candidate avoided answering. 

The results appear below (The Pro-Life response is “yes” to all questions):


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