Legal Fiction

In a guest editorial for the Pennsylvania newspaper, Delaware County Daily Times, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia writes:  “Our flesh is not morally neutral.  It’s not simply ‘wetware’ or raw meat or modeling clay for the will, but a revelation of God’s glory demanding reverence and stewardship

“This makes us witnesses to a meaning and dignity of the human person that puts us at odds with the spirit of our age, an age perfectly captured by the 1973 Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision and its license to kill the unborn.  The cultural civil war triggered by Roe and its enshrinement of permissive abortion has never abated, and it continues full force (and rightly so) today.  The stakes are high.  Without a guaranteed right to life – a right that includes and recognizes the humanity of the unborn child – all other rights are legal fictions.

Archbishop Chaput


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