Democrat Chair Resigns Who Said Disabled Babies Should be Aborted to Cut School Costs

State  |  Steven Ertelt, Micaiah Bilger  |   Mar 2, 2023   |   7:40PM   |  Boston, Massachusetts

The chairman of a local Massachusetts Democratic committee has resigned after he suggested unborn babies with disabilities should be aborted because they are a drain on public school funding.

Despite protests and calls for his resignation, the Framingham Democratic Committee rejected a motion Sunday to discuss ousting its chairman, Michael Hugo, after the horrific comment. That led to even more protests.

Hugo resigned as the chair of the Framingham Democratic Committee in Massachusetts on Thursday after the backlash contoinued. Hugo’s statement shows he clearly has no understanding about how insensitive it was to suggest that disabled babies be killed in abortions just to cut costs.

“I have apologized profusely too many times, but it seems obvious to all objective observers that there is something unusual about this particular crisis, in that it has an extraordinary life,” Hugo wrote in an email to the committee and obtained by Fox News. “Time will tell as to why this has become a – literally – international story, and why it has been amplified by the Chair of the Ashland Republican Committee.”


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