Culture Of Death News: The Satanic Temple Opens ‘Telehealth Abortion Clinic’ To Defend Its ‘Religious Ritual’ Of Killing Unborn Babies

By  Tim Meads

Feb 1, 2023

If you read this headline and thought it was an article from The Babylon Bee, you thought wrong — though your confusion would be understandable.

In a move that is just a bit too on the nose, The Satanic Temple — whose tagline is “empathy, reason, advocacy” — has announced that it will be opening a “telehealth abortion clinic” named “TST Health” operated out of New Mexico.

The group will raise funds to assist girls and women around the country to have “access to safe and legal abortions, no matter where they live or what their financial situation may be.” So, it would appear they will send out pills for at home medicated abortions while funding abortion tourism so Americans can travel to states where abortion is legal.


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